It's the Time of Giving

Hello everyone and welcome to our first blog post!

In our blog, we hope to update all of you on some of the stuff we're doing at L&L and to just provide a platform to communicate on an extended basis (as opposed to the limited space we have on Facebook and Twitter).

But enough of that, we're dedicating this blog post to something that relates to the mood of giving that comes every Christmas.

On September 31st, we finished our first quarter of business. As we promised, we donated exactly 50% of the profits we earned to the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR). The amount totaled to $220.47! Based on the information from the IRQR, this amount is able to cover one month's rent for a refugee in Turkey as well as provide a one-day meal.

So a big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and we hope to continue our efforts to spread God's love for all his people.