Introducing our First Merchandise Collection!

The Luv&Love team have a big announcement to make! We are launching our "Subtle Pride" collection. The collection is the first time we have created merchandise which are designed for queer Christians but can also be worn by any ally.

Each piece of merchandise has the hex colour codes of a Pride Flag (Rainbow, Transgender, etc) as the main design.

The inspiration behind this collection was to allow Christians (queer or not) to support the LGBTQ+ community inconspicuously. As Christians ourselves, we know how hard it can be to support the community while attending church every Sunday especially during Pride Month. This difficulty is enhanced by the fact that a lot of Pride merchandise can be overt in their message. We imagine very few believers can wear a bright rainbow shirt to their Sunday sermon.

Consequently, we developed this collection so that Christians can have an outlet to support LGBTQ+ inclusion in a manner that does not catch too much attention. This design, however, can also be worn by individuals who want to wear Pride merchandise without the flamboyance.

We hope to continue to release new items within this collection as time goes on. In the meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy the current line of merchandise.


L&L Team